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Update:  11 Campers so far!  Frosty's Winter Wipeout is ON !  Dec. 27 - 30 (9:00-3:00 pm)                    Spread the word if you can...  

4 Day Camp

December 27 - 30 from 9:00 - 3:00 pm

@ John Stewart Grade School, Elburn, IL

 Camp Flyer - If you need google access please contact me.  

Frosty's Winter Wipeout  is a fun and active camp during winter break. Kids can get out of the house & play during the cold of winter.  

Jurassic World, Snowball Battle, Kingball, Xtreme Last Flag,  STAR WARS, BattleShip for our younger campers. 

New Game...QUAD-BALL, Kingball 3.0, Capture The Pins, Fortnite Squads, Civil war, Gaga Ball for our older campers.

Pizza, Energizing Games, Krazee Kars, Camp Play ball and much more!

Chuck-A-Duck has been a hit with campers as they try and toss their duck and get it closest to the middle target. Winner receives a gift card. Rocky's Raffle is a fun end-of-camp raffle as kids' names are picked out of a jar. Kids can win some really cool prizes!

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