About Mr. Wallner

     Neil Wallner,  PE Teacher in District 301 (31 years) & Camp Director (24 years), has been coordinating camps since 1997 at Howard B. Thomas Grade School, Country Trails Grade School, John Stewart Grade School and now, Blackberry Creek School.  Kids from District 301 and 302 are welcome to attend.  

     Neil resides in Elburn with his wife.  Neil has two children, daughter Kelly and son Brett.  Both Kelly & Brett went to school at John Stewart and graduated from Kaneland High School.

These camps are a great way to have fun,  exercise and make new friends in a kid-friendly atmosphere!

Mr. Wallner presenting camp donation to Conley Funeral Home in Elburn - a Holiday Spirit affiliate.

Columbus Day Spooktacular kicks the school year off with a howl.  Tons of fun games, activities along with some really cool prizes to win during gameplay!

Camp Turkey Gobbler begins during Thanksgiving week. This camp has split in being a fundraiser for the Conley Outreach program and/or as a scholarship to award worthy candidates that are looking to further their education upon High School graduation.   Mr. Wallner has been coordinating this camp for over 18 years with all proceeds helping High School students and/or needy families during the holidays. Mr. Wallner gained recognition through Conley Outreach Community Services as he received the Angel Award for Business in May of 2010.

Frosty's Winter Wipeout Camp has been a fun and active camp during winter break. Kids can get out of the house during the cold of winter as they are involved in games and activities like:  

  • Capture The Pins, Gymnastics, Tournament Of Champions, Snowball Battle, Civil War, Star Wars, Battleship and much more. Chuck-A-Duck has been a hit with campers as they try and toss their duck and get it closest to the middle target. Winner receives a prize. Rocky's Raffle is a fun end-of-camp raffle as kids' names are picked out of a bucket. Kids can win some really cool prizes!

President's Day Sports camp is tons of fun and kids play fun games and activities in John Stewart's super huge gym! From Star Wars to Zombie Tag to Snowball Battle and Battleship, kids are having a blast!

SUMMER SPORTS CAMP is loaded with fun stuff to do! There are 2 or 3 sessions to attend during the summer. Many campers attend both sessions as they can't get enough fun. We begin each session going over rules and expectations for the week. Safety is always number one! Once kids are split into two groups according to age level.  All kids are active during the week playing outdoors and indoors.

Children bring a sack lunch each day except on Thursday which is our annual pizza day.  As the summer months can be very hot, all kids get outside and participate in  Drip-Drip-Drench, WaterTag and Team Squirtgun Battle.  All are fun, wet and wild activities that kids absolutely enjoy!!  Campers are encouraged to bring a water bottle and apply sunscreen. 

Tournament Of Champions is played during various dates throughout the year. TOC is a fun, competitive camp for kids in 3rd-5th grades. Second graders are welcome but must realize this camp gets pretty competitive. There are 3 tournaments ranging from Pumpkin Smash Baseball, Capture The Flag, Dodgeball, Kickball, Invasion, Flag Football, etc.... The unique twist to these camps is that all girls are given bonus points when they score. Four teams compete for tournament medals and then, the ultimate prize, a 12" individual trophy to the team with the most wins and points. A pizza party follows the 1st tournament with a trophy ceremony ending the day's activities.

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