Monday, February 17, 2020 @ John Stewart Grade School 

SIGN UP Options:

1) Print out camp flyer by downloading & clicking on button above

2) Text Camp Coordinator Neil Wallner (630-939-5466) to Sign at camp drop off

3) Copy, Paste & Print below registration.

4) Feel free to hand deliver registration/payment to Mr. Wallner in PE class

5) Send Registration/payment to address: Neil Wallner, P.O. Box #364, Elburn, IL 60119

10 Minutes from Shopping Randall Road/Geneva Commons 

Child's Name_______________________________________________ Grade Level___________

Send payment & registration to​: Neil Wallner, P.O. Box 364, Elburn, IL 60119

Check preferred payable to Neil Wallner

Emergency Information (If parent cannot be reached)______________________________________

Medical Concerns:___________________________________________________________________

Parent Signature_______________________Best Phone # to reach parent​___________________ (Authorizes child to attend camp and waives liability of injury and/or medical complications) 

Enter Grab your NERF Blaster & Face Mask and get ready for an epic NERF battle, dodging NERF darts & hiding behind bunkers while playing FORTNITE SQUADS, Capture The Flag, BlitZ and other awesome games!

KINGBALL, NERF Snowball Battle, STAR WARS, Xtreme Last Flag and BattleShip for our younger campers.

Pizza, Movies, Krazee Kars, Camp Play ball and much more!

Chuck-A-Duck has been a hit with campers as they try and toss their duck and get it closest to the middle target. Winner receives a gift card. Rocky's Raffle is a fun end-of-camp raffle as kids' names are picked out of a jar. Kids can win some really cool prizes!

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